About Us

About Us

i.TECH Philippines is a Consumer Technology retail company providing Filipinos with acess to the most up-to-date quality and premium tech brands.

We believe that Filipinos can be empowered with today’s technologies at any time and anywhere. Our vast selection of products from our brand partners provide Filipinos with diverese choices for their needs. Whether to connect, enetertain, or to provide solution – the core of i.Tech is the effort to make lives easier through technology.

i.TECH Philippines is a reputable partner and authorized dealer bringing the world’s best brands to the Philippines. Combined with our excellent customer service and competitive pricing, we are always ready to be at the service of our customers.

Our Vision

To Positively Impact the World and Enrich People’s Live Through Technology and Gaming.

Our Mission

To Help Solve The Unmet Technological Needs and Puzzles of Our Customers, Through Our People and Our Products.

I.Tech Philippines has always, and will countinue to, pride ourselves for our outstanding support and service to our customers. Fueled By our Drive to meet our customerss’ technological needs, we constantly advance and evolve to better suit new technological trends.

We Provide Solutions

To cater to ever growing need of technology to the Filipinos, i.Tech Philippines provide our solutions in two fronts: traditional physical stores situated in popular malls across Luzon and Visayas, and the more recent digital storefront, where customers can check our selection convenietly at ther homes and have their purchases delevered right through their doorsteps.

Customers can choose to either visit either front of our stores and they still receive the great customer support and service we are known for.

Customer Support

Looking to buy from us? Our customer support will help you every step of the way. From inquiring of the item you’d like to purchase up to ensuring your item is at your hands, we’ll do what we can to help!

Best Quality

Our products all come from verified and trusted suppliers that provide us with nothing but brand new items. We ensure the items remain new and intact. We also offer great warranty services for your items should there be factory defects.

Delivery Services

Not up to visiting our stores? Don’t worry, our delivery services cover a large part of The Philippines using trusted and 3rd party couriers. You can directly arrange with us to deliver the items you purchased right to your doorstep!

Competitive Prices

We ensure our prices remain competitive throughout. We regularly keep prices up to date to ensure our customers have the best purchases possible. We also regularly offer great deals on different products and services.

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