Asus 90W Universal NB Square Adapter

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Product Description

Four different connector tip sizes ensures compatibility with an array of devices

  • Plug and charge convenience at any power point
  • Four different connector tip sizes ensures compatibility with an array of devices
  • Compact, travel-friendly dimensions (8.8 x 8.8 x 3.05cm, adapter only)


Category NB Device
Input AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.5A
Output DC 19.0V / 4.74A
Total Output 90W
DC Plug Ø3.0mm
Color Black
Weight 267g
Dimensions 88(L)*88(W)*30.5(H) mm
Cable Length 180 cm
Package Contents Adapter*1, Power cord*1, DC plug*4, Booklet*1
Compatible Model B1500CEAE, B1400CEAE, R564DA, X512DA, D509DA, E410MA, X409MA, E510MA, X509JA, M433IA, D413IA, M413IA, E210MA, D413DA, UM433IQ, M533IA, S433EQ, S433EA, X413EA, TM420IA, M513IA, D513IA, TP470EA, S533EQ, S533EA, S513EA, X513EA, X515JA, P1511CJA, X415JA, Y1411CDA, D515DA, Y1511CDA, X415MA, X515MA, M433UA, M413UA, M533UA, M513UA, X415EA, X712EA, X515EA, P1511CEA, D415UA, D515UA, TM420UA, E210KA, P2451FA, BR1100FKA, V241EAK, M5401WUAT, M5401WUAK, X507MA, L203MA, UX433FA, X512FA, X712FA, X412FA, S533FA, S531FL, X403FA, S533FL, R424DA, X412DA, X512FL, UM462DA, UX434FLC, X409FA, X509FA, UX534FTC, UX534FAC, P1410CDA, P1510CDA, UX481FL, UM433DA, D712DA, S433FL, S433FA, X509MA, P1410CJA, P1510CJA, X403JA, P5440FA, P3540FA, V241FAK, M241DAK, PN50/PN51/PN50-E1/PN51-E1(R7 CPU SKU), PN62/PN62S/PN61/PN61T(Thunderbolt sku), PB62(35W, below i7 CPU), PB61V(35W i5 only), PB60/PB60V(i7 CPU), PB50,VC66-C, VC65-C1, VC65-C


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