Asus Prime AP201 MicroATX Case


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Craftmanship in Black

The mini-ITX chassis exquisite aluminum craftsmanship guarantees airflow while displaying the components.


Features a two-tone front panel design with sandblasted and brushed aluminum, creating a quality double texture.

Swappable Hinge Panels 

The dual side split hinged panels feature two 3.0mm thick tempered glass panels and two 1.0mm fine mesh panels that are swappable.

Modular Design for SPX / ATX Power Supply 

Compatible for both SFX and ATX PSU, the Q58 comes with an additional bracket to transform from SFX PSU mode to ATX PSU mode.

Build Like A Pro – Avoid Glass Damages 

The hinged glass panel features a curve hole at the rear, which allows opening of the panel without removing the thumbscrew, and helps avoid any possible damage caused to the glass by preventing it from leaning on the table.

Effortless Connection – Included LED / Fan Hub 

Flip the LIAN LI logo plate at the rear to access the LED/fan hub that supports 3 PWM fan headers and 3 LED headers ( 5V 3 Pin ARGB) without dealing with cable clutter.

Advanced Kit – Toolless Hot Swap SSD Tray

Exclusively design for the Q58, a toolless hot swap SSD tray is located at the front top of the case. Simply open the top and front panel to quickly remove or replace the SSD without unplugging any cables.

Flexible Cooling Support 

In SFX PSU mode, the Q58 has room for a 280mm AIO. Depending on the mounting configuration employed, the actual supported length of the AIO varies.

1. Radiator directly mount on the top fan bracket
2. Radiator mount below the fan
3. Radiator mount below the fan + Removed front SSD tray

In ATX PSU mode, the Q58 has room for a 120mm AIO.

Uncompromised Storage Space 

The ingenious use of the room in the Q58 allows for 4 storage drive mounting locations. Drives support includes 4×2.5” SSDs, or 3×2.5” SSDs and 1×3.5” HDD.

Compact Yet Spacious GPU Support with Riser Cable

The Q58 implements a PCIe 3.0 or PCIe 4.0 riser cable to vertically mount a GPU up to 3 slots thick and 320mm long.

USB 3.1 Type C Port 

The Q58 I/O ports are located at the front panel and feature a Type C port with efficient transmission speeds.

Comprehensive Cable Management 

Several Velcro straps and multiple cable tie-down points are provided to tidy up the cables and the bottom fan bracket helps to snuggle the cables into the Q58.

Stop the Dust 

Two magnetic dust filters are attached at the bottom of the chassis and the mesh panel to prevents dust from entering the case.

Need More RGB? 

Optional Accessory – Side Diffused LED Strip

The LED strips can be mounted at the top and bottom side of the Q58 to further personalize the case.


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Asus Prime AP201 MicroATX Case


Out of stock