PS4 Fade to Silence (R2)


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FADE TO SILENCE takes players into a frozen, post-apocalyptic world where defying nature’s threats and enemies is key. A compelling mix of a puzzling story, a constant strife for resources, balancing short term needs versus your long term goals, and a tense, atmospheric mood makes this game a unique survival adventure.
Explore a vast winter landscape: From a frozen river delta to once-lush farmlands and dense forests, each area features a myriad of locations to explore.
Tense atmosphere and unforgiving gameplay. This is a strategist’s game.
Wolf Sled Expeditions: Pack your sled, take a follower with you, and go on long-term expeditions into the farthest regions.
Recruit followers to get access to better gear, enabling you to survive the cold environment and increasingly dangerous creatures.
An exploration mode lets you roam the world and experience the story at your own pace.
Lead your followers and keep them alive. You will face harsh choices.

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Action, Adventure, Role Playing (RPG)


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