SteelSeries Arena 3 Full-Range 2.0 Gaming Speakers


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Arena 3 speakers will transform your gaming rig into an epic gaming arena.

Experience full range, immersive audio with Arena 3, a 2.0 gaming speaker system with massive 4″ drivers for a superior in-game experience that allows you to find your arena.

Massive 4″ Drivers 

With one of the biggest speaker drivers in gaming, Arena 3 utilizes an organic fiber cone to create a full range of crystal-clear highs, vibrant mids, and powerful bass so you can hear every footstep, bullet, and explosion with total immersion.

Multiple Ways to Connect 

Invite gaming’s most immersive sounds into your room with standard 3.5mm cables, connecting your PC, phone, tablet, TV, or other audio devices.

Control within Reach 

Easily adjust all the important settings with a volume dial and a convenient, multifunctional button for muting, headset and LED toggling, and Bluetooth pairing.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Take advantage of widely compatible Bluetooth for a cable-free experience and a convenient connection with your phone and other devices.

Audio Customization 

Enhance your Arena with Spatial Audiio and adjust nearly every aspect of audio withi the 10-band Parametric EQ, and more, using SteelSeries Sonar Software on PC.

Front-Firing Bass Port 

Experience the full breadth of sound as the acoustically shaped front-firing bass port minimizes sound distortion from rear walls and enhances low frequency performance.

Adjustable stand. 

Create your perfect soundscape by tilting the speakers vertically for the optimal listening positiion.


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SteelSeries Arena 3 Full-Range 2.0 Gaming Speakers


In stock