PS5 Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 | ASI


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Brothers from all over the world reunite in the face of an unprecedented threat brought about by an all-new assassin that threatens to tear the Earth apart all over again.
In order to restore peace to the voxel Earth, the EDF has been dispatched for an emergency mission the likes of which no one has ever seen before!


The EDF has always fought threats from space.

As such, we’ve always kept our eyes in the skies. But this time, a new threat has emerged from within the Earth.

Its name is Gaia Ark. All of a sudden it appeared, wreaking havoc upon our beloved planet yet again!

But rest assured, this time we’re prepared. The EDF has been training for such a contingency. Come on, Commander. You and your team must join us!

Together, we can save the world once more!

All units prepare to deploy! I repeat, all units prepare to deploy! Earth is under attack.
EDF, move out at once!


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PS5 Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2 | ASI


In stock