Pulsar XLite V2 Ultra-light Wireless Gaming Mouse Retro Edition [Gray]



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• Responsive wireless with 70 hours of battery life
• 20,000 DPI Pixart 3370 sensor
• Kailh GM 8.0 Switches
• Ultra-light (59 grams)
• Ideal weight distribution for perfect balance

Make it even better
Pulsar’s flagship model is undoubtedly the Xlite, but to go even further, the brand has decided to level up this gaming mouse to keep the already perfect and make everything else excellent . Slightly revised for a massive upgrade, this Xlite Wireless V2 comes to break everything on the gaming mouse market!

Recover the already perfect
The Xlite V1 being already a very good gaming mouse, we obviously find great inspirations on this V2, starting with its excellent high-end optical sensor , the Pixart 3370 , which gives you 400 IPS , 50G of acceleration and above all 20,000 configurable DPI to be sure to find the heads of your opponents, whatever your sensi. But that’s not all, this V2 also includes the very good ultra-durable Kailh GM 8.0 click switches , the lightness of only 59 grams as well as the ultra-responsive wireless which offers you up to 70 hours of play .

What’s up Doc ?
At this point, you wonder what this Xlite V2 Wireless comes to add? It’s simple, this gaming mouse changes all the micro details that make the difference , starting with a brand new weight distribution for perfect balance , part of the side cells covered for better grip and gaining rigidity without gaining weight. as well as a revisited wheel with reduced click pressure to make it a more responsive macro, while raising it by 1mm to make it more accessible! The whole thing gives you an ultra-ergonomic grip that allows you to rest comfortably on your mousewhile you win your games!


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Pulsar XLite V2 Ultra-light Wireless Gaming Mouse Retro Edition [Gray]


Out of stock