XPG Caster RGB DDR5 DRAM Memory 16GB 6000Mhz [AX5U6000C4016G-CCARGY]


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DDR5 High-Speed Performance 

Running at 7000 MT/s, the XPG CASTER RGB is a new breed of DDR5 that’s over two times faster than your standard DDR4 memory. With blazing-fast data transfer rates, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more seamless gaming experience.

Futuristic Flair 

With its steel gray heat sink, bold triangular RGB light, and streamlined shape, the XPG CASTER RGB exudes a sense of high performance and futuristic styling.

RGB Your Way 

Set the RGB lighting the way you want it. Choose from different effects (static, breathing, and comet) or sync the lights with your favorite jams via Music Mode. All this can be done through RGB control software from all the major motherboard brands.

Performance You Can Reply on 

The XPG CASTER RGB is equipped with built-in On-Die EEC for real-time error correction and Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) for enhanced stability and reliability.

Overclocking Made Easy 

With support for Intel XMP 3.0, get overclocking easily without the need to hassle with BIOS settings. There is no need to repeatedly adjust and fine-tune overclocking parameters.


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XPG Caster RGB DDR5 DRAM Memory 16GB 6000Mhz [AX5U6000C4016G-CCARGY]


In stock