Everything we know (so far) about the PS5 Pro rumors

The PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal have only just launched but the real piece of kit many hardcore PlayStation fans are really pining for is the PS5 Pro. Leaks involving the PlayStation 5 Pro have surfaced. Along with this, industry insiders say the new console could be out by September 2024.

Rumors suggest that the PS5 Pro has an upgraded Ryzen APU with improved graphics support. Much with anticipation is the possibility of native 8K. It is also speculated that the PS5 Pro will be priced around Php 28,000.

The PS4 Pro was only a slight iteration of the PS4. It used the same controller, played the same games, and had all the same features. Its main reason for existing was to allow for smoother gameplay. Along with, 4K support across various games, and a few other quality-of-life upgrades. If a PlayStation 5 Pro exists, what will it offer?

Here’s what we know so far about the rumored PS5 Pro:

  • The PS5 Pro is rumored to have an upgraded Ryzen APU with improved graphics support and the possibility of native 8K.
  • The PS5 Pro is expected to be priced around Php 28,000.
  • The PS5 Pro is speculated to be released in September 2024.
  • PS5 Pro may use a mix of AMD’s RDNA 3 and RDNA 4 architectures for improved ray tracing and better image upscaling.
  • PlayStation Pro 5 may use AI to improve ray tracing and upscaling.

It is important to note that Sony has not confirmed the existence of the PS5 Pro yet. However, while it is still a rumor, there are mutiple evidence to support that it is likely to happen. The CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, went on to the record to say he thinks a PS5 Pro will happen. Meanwhile, leaker Tom Henderson said, “with a 100% degree of certainty,” that the PlayStation 5 Pro is “currently in development”.

That’s everything we know so far about the rumored PS5 Pro. Follow us on our Facebook page and other social media pages to get the latest updates.

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